Regional Energy Efficiency HUB
Project Summary
The main goal of REEHUB is to increase energy efficiency of the public buildings inside the Programme area, through a network of hubs, enabling the training of building managers on energy-efficiency measures. In addition, the project aims to guarantee suitable and effective communication to consumers and awareness-raising at all levels of society. The idea is to create public venues where all the stakeholders involved can find tangible examples on how citizens can contribute to a sustainable growth, aligned to circular economy principles. The ambitious results is to shift from old buildings to low-energy or zero-energy buildings.

Duration: 2018 / 2020
Main Outputs

- Best practices of REEHUB Audit Methodology
- Capacity building actions for energy efficiency in buildings
- Roadshow for key stakeholders
- Set up of 4 Regional Energy Efficiency Hubs in the Programme area

Project Partnership
Lead Partner
Ministria e Energjisë dhe Industrisë (AL) - Contacts: Entela Cipa - entela.cipa[at]infrastruktura.gov.al
Project Partners
- Instituti për Kërkim dhe Zhvillim Barleti (AL)
- ENEA - Agenzia Nazionale per le Nuove Tecnologie, l’Energia e lo Sviluppo Economico Sostenibile (IT)
- Distretto Tecnologico Nazionale sull’Energia Scarl (IT)
- Comune di Agnone (IT)
- Javna ustanova Univerzitet Crne Gore (ME)